The soundtrack of my life

OK let me try this again. I just spent the past half hour writing a blog about music and now it’s gone. The draft I saved is blank. I hope that doesn’t happen again! One more time….

As I was saying, music is a big part of my life. I have music playing in my house, in the car, basically everywhere I go. If I have the option for music, it’s playing. I’m not sure when my love affair with music began. My parents certainly didn’t have music playing in our home growing up. In fact, the only times I can remember music is during the holidays and then it was strictly Christmas albums. Every once in a while, my father would listen to his old-school country albums on a Sunday afternoon but that was it. They don’t even listen to the radio in the car. Once I was old enough to make my own musical choices, I went in the completely opposite direction of what my parents listened to, which isn’t a surprise. As anyone who knows me can attest to, my first musical love was New Kids on the Block. Of course I listened to a lot of groups and singers before them, but they changed things for me. (see my last few blogs)

Yesterday, I made a new friend Mandie (sorry – I don’t know how to link to her blog from here or I would!). She had blogged some of her favorite 90s songs, which are very close to my heart. I loved every single one of them! The 90s was one of the best times for music if you ask me. I thought about blogging about my favorite 90s songs but also didn’t want to completely steal her idea. Alas, I have decided to post videos from some of my favorite artists in an effort to celebrate their music and its impact on my life. Some will be current, some old, some old and current! All of these videos will have had a major impact on my life. Hope you enjoy as much as I do.

Of course I have to start with the game changers, New Kids on the Block. I’ve selected what to me is their best videos. One old-school and one current. I know that Step by Step is apparently their most popular song. But to me, the song synonomous with the group is The Right Stuff. Come on, people – you know that signature dance was badass. We Blockheads still lose our minds when we see them do it to this day.

When I saw this video, I thought people were going to see it and realize New Kids were actually cool and talented. Oh, so naive. But you have to admit this is a great video and the song is awesome. We still go crazy when we hear this one live, too. After all, they opened their reunion tour with this song so it’s also an emotional one for us devoted Blockheads.

OK I could post NKOTB videos all day long but I’m sure at least one or two of my readers would like to see who else I dig. My second favorite artist may actually be tied with my most favorite and is actually a part of the group. Shocker. I have to post this one because Here We Go Again is my favorite music video ever. I feel that some people don’t seem to get Joe as a solo artist and just want to see him take his shirt off. In fact, he’s incredibly talented. When I first heard this song, I was so proud of him that I cried a little. And “the video is awesome! It’s on YouTube!” That was a quote from the cruise, sorry. 😉 Yes, he does take his shirt off in the video and the view is very impressive. But I am more impressed with Joe as a singer and this video just kicks ass.

My next favorite group is Lifehouse. I’ve been a fan since 2000 when my sister first played Hanging By A Moment for me. Their music could actually be considered the soundtrack of my life on its own. Each time they release a new CD I feel as if their songs could have been written by me. Whatever their songs are about is typically what I am going through at that time in my life. It’s been exciting for me to see their popularity grow over the last few years. Of course I will always treasure (and hope for) the chance to see them play a small club from the front row. This is one of my favorite songs of theirs, which wasn’t released as a single. Also, Jason Wade is beautiful.

This next group I discovered in 2008 while watching the vh1 Top 20 Countdown to see my two favorite groups, NKOTB and Lifehouse. This video kind of haunted me, as did the lyrics. Lacey has a great voice and sings each word with such emotion. Anytime a band has a hot, strong chick for a lead singer, it gets my attention. Love this song and Flyleaf.

Speaking of hot strong chicks….gotta include Evanescence! My friend Jolene and I saw them live in KC just before the band blew up. It was amazing to see them perform live, with the original members in a club atmosphere. We had a blast! And Amy Lee is hot. This is one of my favorite songs. She has such an amazing voice! Also, when I thought I could sing (blushes) my friend Jen and I would sing Evanescence at karaoke. So much fun! Jen has a beautiful voice. Me, not so much. I just love music! Actually, this particular song was featured on the Daredevil soundtrack so I have my Ben Affleck obssession to thank for discovering this band.

Oh snap! I’ve gotta include Coldplay. Still haven’t seen them live….maybe one of these years. Hard to pick a favorite song of theirs so I’ll just go with one to bring it a bit more upbeat! I would post my video of Joe McIntyre singing Fix You in Vegas, which pretty much made my lifetime, but since I’d rather not get emotional here ya go!

This is getting pretty long, isn’t it? Perhaps I’ll make this a weekly blog? One more before I quit. I have to include a lesser known musical favorite. Damien Rice. I had the amazing opportunity to see him perform with the entire band at a little club in Lawrence, Kansas, several years ago. I had a major musicgasm at that show. His performances are always powerful and you feel as if you’re drowning in emotion. Plus, the drummer was burning incense and I felt almost high. 😉 This is my favorite Damien Rice song. I’ll include more as this blog continues. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “The soundtrack of my life

  1. My parents were the same way, for the most part! My dad was into Johnny Mathis and jazz, but never really had me listen to anything with him. My mom didn’t really listen to music but she had a lot of records from the ’60s and early ’70s (Carpenters, Simon and Garfunkel, etc) that I would fool around with sometimes. I commanded the radio in the car once I was old enough :).

  2. To me music has been a part of my life too. I love listening to music and singing at karaoke both. Since there has been a karaoke bar (in Japan we call it ‘karaoke box’) just at the back of my house since I was fifteen, I would often go there and sing. I haven’t been there for ages because I’ve not been very keen on recent Japanese songs. I prefer the late 80’s and the early 90’s Japanese songs. And at that time we had many music programs on TV as well. Now we don’t have many and those at the present time are not very fun for me.
    I first had a crush on a Japanese singer at 7 years old. (You can actually see him sing in the video I made for you. You’ll see some Japanese singers sing at the end of the disc, and the man in a blue suit is him!) Now he’s a singer and a car racer.
    I coincidentally included a performance of Coldplay on TV in Japan on the disc!
    My story on music would never know the end, so what I’ll write for the last is that I’ve been into American and British boy bands since I was 15, started with New Kids On The Block! 🙂
    Sorry I wrote too much about me here…
    I’ll check your favorite songs you posted here a bit later. 😉 Because it’ll take some time to see them all.

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