More of the Soundtrack of my Life

Last week I posted a blog about music and its effect on my life, including videos for some of my favorite songs. I decided to make it a weekly blog since I have so many songs and artists I’d like to share with you all. So here is part two! And yes, I realize most people blog about music on Tuesdays. I think it’s even referred to as Music Tuesday or something but I dare to be different. Ha!

I want to start with my favorite artist, Joey McIntyre. Yes I included Here We Go Again last week but I have to include Rain! He sang it for me in Vegas, after all. Okay, it wasn’t just for me but I was there to (finally) see it live and it pretty much made my year. 🙂 I first heard this song in 2008 soon after NKOTB announced their reunion. During that time, I was going through a deep depression. NKOTB coming back helped bring me out of it, but more than anything else, hearing this song and seeing the video was cathartic. I don’t know exactly how to explain it. I don’t think the song or video is about depression but it struck a chord and that’s what it means to me. Such is the beauty of music: a song can fit many situations and we can interpret in our own ways. I know that most people don’t seem to get this video. I also saw an interview last year with Joe in which he said he would have done this video differently if he could go back, that it was a waste of money. I hate that he thinks that because I got it and I dig it. Of course, it was only seven years (!) after the song was released that I saw the video but I saw/heard it when I needed to. Anyway, enough babbling! This song is awesome.

Okay just because this is one of my most favorite songs ever, I’m including my video from Vegas. 🙂 Poor quality but you can hear how great it was anyway. Sidenote: That obnoxious laughter is not me.

This next artist I don’t think too many people have heard of but you should! Actually, Joey McIntyre is the one who got me into her. He tweeted that he met and saw Michelle Shaprow perform at a party and suggested we all check her out. I did and fell in love with her music. I have tweeted with Michelle a few times and respect and admire her. So glad Joe could give me yet another friendship 😉 as well as great music. I love Michelle’s voice and style of music. This is my favorite song of hers.

Can’t believe I didn’t include Frank Sinatra in my first blog! But then there were a lot of artists I didn’t include. Strangers in the Night is probably my favorite Sinatra song but this one is a close second. Of course, Sinatra can sing anything and sound amazing but I’m particularly fond of this one. It’s my song to my future husband, wherever he may be. Ha ha.

This next group I discovered when their song Wild Horses was in the movie Fear with Mark Wahlberg, but I didn’t really get into them until 2002 when I was discovering a lot of new music. The Sundays are underrated and not many people know about them but I absolutely love the lead singer’s voice. This song has always gotten me in my dreamy state of mind so I like to escape from the real world when I listen to it. I love that I can see the images in my head as I listen and feel that everything really will be okay. Such a romantic. This is actually the first time I’ve seen a live performance of it. Love!!

One more for today….I may add more later. 😉 I’m obviously in a romantic mood today. I was a big fan of Snow Patrol when they first gained popularity in the US. Largely due to my sister turning me onto them. This song has always gotten to me, not sure why. What an amazing voice Martha Wainwright has! They sound beautiful together. Sigh.


6 thoughts on “More of the Soundtrack of my Life

  1. OMG I LOVE it!!! So cool that you found a live performance of The Sundays! I don’t think I have ever seen them live. And “Set The Fire to the Third Bar”… that song and video give me freakin’ chills. BRILLIANT!!! Maybe I should do a blog like this… Hmmm…. 😉

  2. Go for it! 🙂 It’s fun. I’ll do it until I run out of songs. Which will probably never happen 😉 LOVE that live version of “When I’m Thinking About You” – so awesome!

  3. I think you have a good sense of music. I love every song you uploaded here. 🙂 But it doesn’t mean I have a good sense too. 😉
    I have told you before, but I LOVE Rain by Joey McIntyre too! I just like the music. I usually don’t think about or follow lyrics. Except for NKOTB, I should say. I have no idea what’s going on in the Rain video. Just thought how lucky the girl in the video is! Haha!
    I also have lots of favorite music and they are almost from ’93 and ’94, and maybe from 2000-2001. I was in England in all the periods. I would listen to the radio in my room a lot and my favorite stations were of course music ones. I also would often be at a disco on Saturday. I did have some favorite songs to dance along with in those years.
    I pretty much prefer old good stuffs to those nowadays.
    To name a few, I would say ‘The B-52’s’, ‘Tiffany’, ‘Jason Donovan’, & ‘Wilson Phillips’,
    I’ll let you know when I know titles of my favorite songs. 🙂

    1. I’m glad you loved the songs 🙂 Yes Rain is one of the best songs ever. Usually I do listen to lyrics but the music or beat is what gets my attention first. 1994 was a great time for music as well. I should include more 90s songs 🙂 Thanks for reading & commenting!

  4. I love it when you stumble across a song or an album that speaks to the circumstances you find yourself in at a given moment/phase! Sometimes it’s almost as if it’s too eerie to be a coincidence or something :). Thanks for this post … I hadn’t heard of most of these songs before!

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