Garbage and Classic Love Songs

Last week I skipped my usual music blog. I just wasn’t feeling it and I don’t like to force myself to write something if I’m not feeling it because then it turns into boring crap. But I’m back baby! It’s raining here in North Carolina today. 90% of the time rain puts me into a creative and/or contemplative mood. Either that or I just want to lie in bed. 😉 Today I decided to get up and accomplish something.

Recently, I rediscovered the band Garbage. Back in the late ’90s/early 2000’s I fell in love with this band and developed a major girl crush on Shirley Manson. I think I mentioned in an earlier blog I had a girl crush on Amy Lee but Shirley was actually my first. Garbage’s songs are so sexy and seem as if they were made for a movie soundtrack. Therefore their music is great to listen to while writing since I always see my books playing out in my mind like a movie. Other writers, don’t you have the same mind movies? My first choice for a Garbage song was “You Look So Fine” but since my sister recently used that song in her blog I feel like I’m stealing it from her. I wish I knew how to link to blogs within my own blog so I could put a link here. Hm…If someone could let me know how to do that, that would be super. 😀 #techchallenged Anyways, I couldn’t make up my mind which song was my next favorite – “Stroke of Luck” or “Milk” so you’re getting both! Enjoy 🙂

PS – Shirley Manson really is hot!

And now in a completely different direction! Well except that they’re both female vocalists. My next choice is “At Last” by Etta James. I have never felt the way she does in this song but still have the dream of finding my “At Last.” Actually, there have been times I’ve felt that way but i am always dreaming. I love these classic love songs and perhaps it’s a bit cliche but yes I’m still a girl and still daydream someday I’ll dance to a song like this at my wedding…Oh wait. I forgot. I’m not getting married again. 😉 Alas I am still a romantic dreamer at heart.

Speaking of romantic classic love songs, this one is my all-time favorite classic song. I know several singers I admire and love to listen to have done this song but this one is my favorite version. This is the one I really do want to dance to if I ever get married again. And if he wants to sing it to me (because the future Mr. Amy Cavenaugh can sing) that’d be doubly awesome. 🙂 There’s not much more I can say about this song. It makes me melt and turn into a complete girl.

OK this wasn’t the direction I orignally thought I would take with this blog today but now I’m feeling a classic love song vibe. Perhaps it’s the rainy day! The next one isn’t exactly a classic love song to most people but it is to me. Instead of beginning or ending with my favorite guy, Joey McIntyre, I stuck him in the middle this time! 😉 This song is definitely one of my favorites of his and I consider it a classic. Unfortunately, I’ve never had the opportunity to see him sing it live but hopefully someday. The song is from his “Meet Joe Mac” album which is my favorite of his solo albums, second only to “Here We Go Again.” It’s honest and truth be told, I long to feel that way and not be afraid. It’s a beautiful song and he sings with such passion. Once again, I wish more people could see his talent. He’s amazing.  

Well, I just got all emotional over that one. Moving on! How ’bout my favorite Beatles song? Actually, I can’t believe I haven’t included a Beatles song thus far. :O I have always been aware of The Beatles because my older sister was a huge fan, as well as my uncle. I knew many of their songs growing up and especially liked “Yellow Submarine” as a kid. As an adult, I didn’t get really into them until around 2002. And then it was because my sister and I went to a Lifehouse concert where they sang “Something.” I couldn’t remember the name of the song but knew that it was The Beatles song I’d always loved to hear. So I went on an Internet search for the song and finally found it. As I searched, I realized just how many Beatles songs I adored so I bought several of their CDs. Most people are either Beatles or Stones and I’m a definite Beatles girl, although I like the Rolling Stones, too. Anyway, here is that song…

Speaking of Lifehouse, I shall now include what I consider their most classic love song. I’m sure most people would think I’d pick “You and Me” or their first hit “Hanging By A Moment.” While I do love “Hanging By A Moment,” I’m sure it will be included in a future blog when I’m feeling a different vibe. As for “You and Me,” it’s not one of my favorites. I do like it but they have much better songs. I believe this song, “Everything” encompasses what love is really all about. Although I’m not certain it’s meant to be about one person. I’ve always felt it was more about God or whatever higher power you choose to believe in. I believe the song is about the love that’s all around us. Thoughts, anyone?

I’m repeating artists again but that’s allowed, right? Of course it is! When I think of love songs, I think of this song from Michelle Branch’s Hotel Paper CD. It was never a single but again, to me it’s what love is about. Simple and beautiful.

There are many more songs I could choose but this is becoming a long blog! One more and then I’ll be done for the day. 😉 I actually heard this song on a commercial for the TV Show Parenthood last night and remembered how much I loved it. I’m not a fan of that TV show but I am a fan of the movie, “Once” that this song was on the soundtrack of. If you haven’t seen the film, I highly recommend it! The soundtrack was also incredible. I first discovered Glen Hansard in 2004 (or was it 2005?) when I saw him and his band, The Frames, open for Damien Rice at an intimate concert in Lawrence, Kansas. What a beautiful night of musicgasms that was! Check out The Frames. I will have to include them in a future blog.

OK I lied. Now it’s really one more! This one isn’t really a love song but it has deep personal meaning for me. I believe it’s meant to be a Christian song, much like “Everything.” But I like it a lot. My strongest memory of this song is from riding in a car with my then best friends Jolene and Kelley. We were driving through rural Illinois late one night and were going through something incredibly traumatic. We were in Illinois to be with Jolene and her family since her brother had been killed in Iraq. Without going into too much detail, I believe that’s why this song means so much to me. I felt the presence of God or something greater than us that night in the car. We all needed to hear it for our own reasons. And with that, I will now shut up. 🙂 xoxo









3 thoughts on “Garbage and Classic Love Songs

  1. I love your song choices (as usual)! “Everything” is probably my favorite Lifehouse song. I think Shirley Manson is hawt too haha. Lastly, I love that you call your possibly existent/nonexistent future husband Mr. Amy Cavenaugh! 😉

  2. As always, I loooove your blog and of course, these are a lot of my favorite songs too!!! I really love “Stroke of Luck,” “I Only Have Eyes for You” and “Once,” especially. Good stuff!!!! 🙂

  3. The song is actually “Falling Slowly” from the film “Once” 😉 What about “Easier” goshdarnit? You know that’s my favorite! I LOOOOVE all of these songs! And yes, Maxine, I think the future Mr. Amy Cavenaugh does exist. 😀 ha ha

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