Looking for a little encouragement

Haven’t checked in for a while….hope everyone is doing well. Feeling a bit discouraged today. Got another rejection this morning, from an agent I really liked and respected so I guess that’s why it’s getting to me more than the other ones. I suppose I should send out more queries….I was waiting to hear back from the 10 queries I had already sent out but it’s becoming obvious to me that these were not the right fit. In typical Cancer-style, I’m now second-guessing everything. The way my query is written, that the story is good enough, that I’m good enough to be a published writer. And then I get annoyed with myself for getting discouraged so easily. It’s a vicious cycle. The truth is even if I don’t become a traditionally published author, I’m going to keep on writing. I may eventually self-publish if nothing else works out. But that scares me because I don’t know how to self-market. I’m an introvert and it’s hard to want to sell myself. I believe in my story so maybe I could…I just really didn’t want to go that route if I didn’t have to.

Anyway, we are getting ready to move to the new(er) house this week so that is going to take up a lot of my time and energy. However, I may also work on revamping the query letter to send orut to more agents. Maybe I’ll even query the agent I initially wanted to query, at the agency I was led to on my first trip to New York City…but I’m intimidated.They are a powerful, world-reknowned agency and it frankly scares the life out of me. The worst they can say is no and even then, I could query another agent later or try again with a different work. Anything is possible. I wish I was not so intimidated! Maybe one day I will just say “Screw this” and send it. Sigh.

Well, we need to get going but I wanted to quickly check in. Hopefully it will not be so long before I blog again. Thanks everyone for reading & encouraging! xoxo

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