The Amy Identity

Isn’t that brilliant? I came up w/ it just now. I’m writing a blog to announce that I’ve decided to make a separate Twitter writing account after all. I thought I was going to keep only @twisted_writer but the more I think about it, the more I think I should keep @twisted_writer as a personal account & make a new one as a more professional writing account. I got a good mix of answers from people telling me to keep only the one account and others said to have a professional one for the writing. Although I had decided last week to stay with @twisted_writer, I have reconsidered. For one thing, I have seen several agents tweet about keeping in mind that everyone can see what you tweet and they often check timelines. Not that I want to hide who I am in any way because I definitely don’t — in fact, the desire to not hide my BH side was why I was hesitant to make a separate account in the first place — BUT as I realized when I tweeted something about people needed to chill w/ this Mix Tape Festival VIP contest, perhaps I should make two accounts. Just when I was thinking about it, as if a sign from the heavens (or the Twitter gods?) I was tweeted by a fellow BH writer who said I should make a separate account, one for play and one for work. I like that idea and was leaning that way anyway so here I go! Please follow my writing account at @AmyCavenaugh ’cause I’m all professional now! 😉 Thanks y’all. Word.

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