This is the review I wrote for the book on GoodReads:

As a New Kids on the Block fan since 1988, I couldn’t wait to read this biography. I read some concerns about Twitter about “why should we read this book? It’s just going to be the same stories we’ve heard a million times.” But that’s so not what it was. Yes, there were a few stories we’ve all heard, but the majority of the stories I hadn’t heard before. I loved reading about what it was REALLY like when the guys first got together all those years ago in Boston. I’m so happy to read someone getting their story right. I wish everyone, fans or not, could read this book so they could better understand the indescribable bond between these five amazing guys and their fans, affectionately known as Blockheads. NKOTB was not a manufactured group.

They were not put together from some huge talent search. And I tell ya, their story would make a hell of a movie! It was so wonderful to read it and in a way, relive it all over again. I laughed out loud, cried (more times than I would like to admit) and even felt depressed while reading about the down times, when they lost control and the merchandising was insane. Words can’t express how grateful I am for this book, to Nikki Van Noy for getting the real story out there. Honestly, I’m a bit jealous because as a writer myself, I always wanted to write a book like this, about NKOTB and our incredible bond. But I’m so glad Ms. Van Noy got the chance first. This was the way it was meant to be. Perhaps someday I’ll share my story, in a different way, but I will always treasure this book and share it with as many people as I can. READ IT!!

Personal notes:

I loved reading this book so much. It took me back to all of the good times I’ve had because of this incredible group. I made some of the most amazing friends and am incredibly grateful for all of my experiences. Sometimes it’s still hard to believe I’ve met New Kids, specifically Joe, several times, gone on a cruise with them, gone to New York City, Las Vegas, and other places I probably never would have visited if not for my love for this group, and the friends made along the way. You wouldn’t think being a fan of a music group would come to mean so much but it really does. Maybe if you weren’t a part of the phenomenon from the beginning it’s difficult to understand. I think this book explains it in a way I’ve always wanted to, but no one ever seems to “get it”. That’s why I wish non-fans could read it. This whole thing is so much more than just liking a group. It really is something magical and I hope it lasts forever. I am intensely proud to be a Blockhead and I always will be.

These guys are the reason I became a writer. The first book I wrote was essentially fan fiction, based on characters modeled after New Kids. They inspire me and they were the first to show me that dreams can come true. No one can take that way from us. You know? It sounds cheesy, but I don’t care. 🙂 I have a great deal of respect for ALL 5 guys and all Blockheads. I could complain about my fellow BH’s all day, people dismiss us as crazy but I know they are my sisters. They may get on my nerves but I will fiercely defend them and our New Kids. Like the last chapter of Nikki Van Noy’s book  and the song says, “This love will last forever.” 🙂


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