Good riddance, 2016! Bring it, 2017…

So proud of you, Wombie! ❤

Abs Writes A Lot

I think it’s no secret that 2016 has been a sucky year. Not only has it taken some of the most iconic, legendary performers of my lifetime (Carrie Fisher, Prince, David Bowie, George Michael, Alan Rickman, Debbie Reynolds, the list unfortunately goes on and on…), it’s also been a devastating year in my personal life.

It started on Jan. 2, when my mom was rushed to the hospital with heart problems, which just happened again right before Christmas. That very same day, my boyfriend of more than a year (who I thought I was going to marry) dumped me. Over Facebook Messenger. Then, he blocked me, and all my friends and family so he wouldn’t have to face all the people who wanted to kick his ass for hurting me. At the same time, all of our bills were behind and we were facing the thought of having to move…

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