Why Online Dating Sucks For Women

This is how I feel today, after deleting my online dating profile. Going back to being happily single!

The Glass Eye Project

A few months ago, I started online dating.

I opened up accounts on two different free online dating websites. At first, I was extremely excited. “Look at all of these single men in my area!” I thought, optimistically. I scrolled through picture after picture of potential suitor with glee, passing judgements based solely on how they appeared. I read through different profiles with great interest. I was making assessments on people I had never actually met, based only on a picture and the small amount of information in their profile. I felt weird about it. And I felt bad about it, even. The headlines made me laugh, and shudder. “No crazies need apply” and “No mind games plz,” things like that. Online dating started out interesting and sometimes even comedic.

And then, within minutes, when my profile hadn’t even been completed yet, the messages started rolling in. “Hey beautiful” and the…

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