The Soundtrack of My Life Part 3

I usually do this blog post on Wednesdays but feel inspired to do it a day early. Since Tuesday is some kind of music day on Twitter, it’s fitting. Actually, every day is a music day in my world. 🙂 I’ve been keeping a list this week of songs I wanted to be sure to include. All of the songs will have some kind of special meaning for me and I hope you all enjoy these blogs. I certainly enjoy writing and putting them together. In a somewhat related note, my goal today is to finish a draft of my book. I’m sure the music will help me accomplish that goal. I figured if I put my goal into writing in this blog, that makes me accountable. Plus it’s officially Positive Thinking Day so I’m going to positive think my way into finishing that damn book! 😀

Every week I’m going to start with this guy. What can I say? He inspires me. He’s my muse. I could listen to him sing all day and never tire of hearing his voice. This is one of my all-time favorite songs and when he sang it at the One Too Many at Midnight show in Vegas six months ago yesterday, 3-12-11, my life was pretty much made. The video is in two parts because I thought he was finished for some reason and stopped recording so I could wipe away the tears that were streaming down my face. 😉 It’s absolutely beautiful. PS – I always crack up when I hear myself say “Oh…” at the beginning because that’s when I realized what he was about to sing. LOL

Here is part 2:

I was a huge fan of Michelle Branch when she first came upon the scene but I can’t remember if it was 1999 or 2000. I don’t think I ever saw this video back then and it’s not the best but I have always loved this song. It was her first big hit and really got to me at the time. I was still married but was coming to realize I was not married to my soul mate and I wanted to find him. That’s not the reason I got divorced, mind you. The search continues for my soul mate, of course. Maybe he’s still out there somewhere but like the song says he’s everywhere to me. 😉

Maybe this week’s post will be chick singers I really dig. Except for Joey McIntyre of course! Ha ha ha. Colbie Caillat is another of my favorites. I could post a number of her songs but I will start with this one, Fearless. One day last week while I was listening to my iTunes shuffle, this song played and I was in just the right mood to bring me to tears. Did I mention I am a Cancer and extremely emotional and sensitive? Most of those feelings stay behind my shell because of the whole Cancer shell thing. We retreat behind it when the hurt starts. But anyway, I love Colbie’s voice and would love to see her live someday. These are the lyrics that particularly struck me that day: “If it’s between love and losing to never have known the feeling then I still side with love. And if I end up lonely at least I will be there knowing I believed in love.”

For some reason I can’t find the official video for my next pick although I remember seeing it back in 2002. Next up is Norah Jones, whom I discovered thanks to my sister Abby. 🙂 I love love love this type of music. Norah has an amazing voice. I mean, did you see her sing Jolene at the Grammys last year? Awesomeness! This was one of her first singles and is one of my all-time favorites.

This next song inspired my first real attempt at a screenplay in 2002. Teardrop by Portishead and Massive Attack. I was so certain this would be the opening song of my screenplay when it was made into a movie. It is perfect for a cinematic opening. Since then I’ve seen it used for the opening credits of House. They stole my idea! LOL But that’s okay because that screenplay will never see the light of day as a film. I now see all the flaws in that work but it was a great experience. I will forever think of that screenplay, called Darkest Before Dawn, when I hear this song. 🙂

Abby and I discovered this next singer, A Fine Frenzy, in 2007 or was it 2008? I know we were watching the Vh1 Top 20 countdown and saw her video for Almost Lover. We kinda fell in love with her and went to Best Buy that afternoon to buy her CD. That first CD of hers, One Cell in the Sea, was excellent. I love every single song. This one, You Picked Me, is probably my favorite. If I ever get married again, which is highly doubtful, I would like to have this song played. 😉

And I’m going to end with a classic. Who doesn’t love this song? I need to listen to this type of music more. It takes me back to a more romantic time that I often wish I had lived in. Perhaps I did in a past life. Makes me want to go dancing in a jazz club in the 1940s.

5 thoughts on “The Soundtrack of My Life Part 3

  1. Another great blog, sis!!! 🙂 *thumbs up* I love all these songs, of course! Glad I could turn you on to A Fine Frenzy and Lifehouse too!!! I may start one of these blogs… I keep saying that but haven’t done it yet! 😛

    1. You should 🙂 It’s fun! I want to do another one already but I’ll try to wait til next week. I thought A Fine Frenzy was in 2007 but then I wasn’t sure because I remembered watching vh1 all the time when NKOTB came back. But I think you are right.

  2. I love more than half the artists you mentioned! Absolutely LOVE “One Cell in the Sea” … that entire album is so great. I think she’s such a great storyteller. I also really loved Michelle Branch back in the day — her second album is my favorite of hers. She came around to play at my college and by that time, she was deemed uncool among college students, so I was one of the few girls in the first few rows, singing along to every word :). Great songs and artists!

    1. Yes! One Cell in the Sea is an incredible album. Such a voice and the lyrics are so….what’s the word I’m looking for? Descriptive? Visual? I never got her next CD b/c I listened to samples and it was dancey and I was like wth is this? 😦 That’s very cool you saw Michelle Branch. I’ve never seen her live but would love to, although she seems to do more country now. I LOVE her stuff from the early 2000’s. I think Hotel Paper was my favorite too. Her songs were much like Lifehouse and fit what I was going through at the time. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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