Meeting Joe McIntyre … again.

In my last blog, I talked a bit about our Nashville trip to see NKOTBSB and mentioned what it was like to meet Joe McIntyre and the rest of the New Kids on the Block. I didn’t go into great detail but said that if anyone wanted to know what else he said to me, I’d write about it. To my surprise, there was interest. I guess I didn’t think anyone would really care. I also have a complex about seeming like I’m bragging. So please know that is not my intent. It’s simply nice to relive a special moment in my life. πŸ™‚

Before I tell you about what he said in Nashville, it seems I should mention the other two times I’ve met him this year. Sidenote: it seems weird to say I’ve “met” him all these times. Isn’t there another term we can use? Saw him? Spoke with him? I don’t know. I digress. For the record, in case you didn’t know, I’ve “met” Joe six times now, the first on St. Patrick’s Day 2009. Sigh. What an amazing day that was! That story would be another blog in itself. Suffice it to say the dude rocked my world. Again, I digress.

In March of this year, I went on a crazy weekend trip to Las Vegas to see my favorite New Kid perform hisΒ “One Too Many At Midnight”Β show with Emanuel Kiriakou. Airfare was ridiculous but I was willing to pay it because I wanted so badly to see this show. I’d missed out on his NYC show in October and didn’t want to miss out again. Besides three of my bestest friends were also going so it wasn’t like I was flying out there on my own. Anywho…this Vegas trip could also be a blog in itself and I’m disappointed I didn’t write about it while it was fresh in my mind. The trip was AMAZING! The show was INCREDIBLE! I had purchased VIP so I got to meet Joe and Eman before the show in an awesome unique setting. For those who don’t know, the entire VIP group (I think 75 people for this show, the last of his Vegas “residency”) gathered in a room and the guys came in, talked, answered questions, and performed several songs. Just Joe singing and Eman playing the guitar. Heaven for a girl like me. Afterwards, you got to meet them one on one (or one on two I guess) and have a photo taken with your own camera. I was a bit disappointed in the VIP group meeting because my friends and I were near the back of the room and I had to lean to the side to see Joe and couldn’t see Eman at all. But he did perform one of my favorite songs of his, Rain. I’d been hoping he would sing that song — I’d never heard it live. He hadn’t sang it at any of the other VIPs and I’m so, so glad he sang it at mine. That made my night right there.

So, then the time came to meet them one on two and I started to get VERY nervous. I was shaking, I felt nauseous and I don’t know why! I had met him on three previous occasions – why was I freaking out? I think because this time it was just going to be me, not a group of 10 in a NKOTB VIP or the group of seven volunteers from our Let’s Get This Virginia Beach group. Just me and Joe and Eman. I’ve always been shy and I realized I didn’t know what to say. I may have been more nervous than the first time I met him and all of NKOTB. My friends tried to reassure me and I think they may have been baffled why I was so nervous too. We lined up outside the room and ended up near the back of the line, which was just fine with me. I wanted to be last. As we got closer and closer to the door to go back into the room, I got more and more nervous. Finally, it was my turn. Two people in front of me was a fan from Japan. I forget her name but the New KidsΒ refer toΒ her as the first Japanese NKOTB fan. Joe had them take a picture with his own phone so he could text it to Donnie. That’s really awesome for her but it made me that much more nervous, like I gotta follow that?! This was also the day after the terrible earthquakes in Japan so it was something of a miracle she made it.

One of my friends was before me and the other two were behind me. The friend in front of me had met him way more than I have and wasn’t nervous at all. Somehow that made me yet more nervous! When it was finally my turn, Joe smiled and opened his arms and said “Hey!” like we’re old friends. I hugged him, said something in a very shaky voice about how great it was to see him again and hugged Eman, too. They both can see how nervous I am and are hugging me on either side. They asked if I’m okay. I said “Yeah, I’m just really nervous!” They told me not to be nervous, Eman asked if I was shy and they both just seemed so intent on making sure I was going to be okay. I told Joe I had sent a letter via my friend Amy (@MsKnitSox, one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met btw) to his first Vegas show because I didn’t think I was going to be able to make one of these shows and how thrilled I was to be there, how much it meant to me. He hugged me again and we talked a bit, took two pictures because in Joe’s words Eman “ruined” my first one because he was talking. LOL! Because this is already too long, I won’t go into more detail about what was said, but they made me feel comfortable, as if I was hanging out with two old friends. Joe even held my hand while we were talking and looked so directly at me, he made me feel like I was the only person in the room. I think I fell a little bit in love, if not a lot. πŸ˜‰ Btw, my avatar on this site is from that fantastic meeting. πŸ™‚

So the next time I met him was on the cruise (gotta shorten this and actually get to Nashville!) for the photo op. That experience was such an unorganized disaster that I didn’t get the chance to be nervous about meeting him this time. After we took our pictures, I turned to Joe and asked, “Do you remember me from Vegas?” He didn’t hear what I said, took me by the arms and pulled me closer to him,Β and said,Β “Huh?” I asked him again in a louder voice, he looked directly into my eyes and said firmly, “Yes!” Almost with a tone of “How could I not remember?” We are still holding onto one another’s arms, standing really close, face to face … um. yeah. So I told him “Remember, I was really nervous then and I wanted to tell you that you made me feel so comfortable and I just wanted to thank you.” He hugged me again, tighter this time and he said, “You’re not so nervous now, huh?” And I laughed and thanked him again and then security was telling me to move along. Joe said “Take care” and I floated off the stage on a cloud. Well that’s how it felt! LOL

Finally, this brings me to the Nashville encounter. Sorry about my rambling but glad you have stuck with me if you’re still reading. πŸ™‚ In Nashville, as I stated in the previous blog, he said he liked my boots which was awesome. PS – in Vegas I had also been unsure about my outfit and he said he loved it! He makes me :). But how the Meet & Greet started was I went to Jordan first because as usual, the girls bottlenecked at Donnie and Abby (@abs1399) was already hugging Joe. I was talking to Jordan and I heard Abby say the words “twisted writer”, which is my Twitter name. Wide-eyed and alarmed,Β I looked over and sure enough, she was telling Joe he needed to follow me on Twitter. I was like OMG! I’m not one to ask for myself. I never would have in person, I’m sure. So when she did I was a little embarrassed but I am SOOO thankful. Thank you ABS! πŸ˜€ I came over to Joe and Abby went to Jordan – basically, we switched. πŸ˜‰ I hugged Joe and I think he asked “What was the Twitter name again?” I told him “It’s twisted writer” but I forgot to say it’s “twisted_writer” so I didn’t know if he would find me or not. But he’s like “Okay and what’s her name?” So I told him and he says, “Twisted writer. Abs1399. Okay.” Then he smiled as if to say “Glad we got that out of the way” and hugged me again. I know everyone says Jonathan gives the best hugs but for me, it’s Joe. If memory serves me correctly, they then called for the picture, which was when Pennie (@Fan4Ever) and IΒ felt so awkward because we were going to kiss his cheeks but then didn’t have time to ask. LOL! Next time, Joe, we are gonna kiss you!! Be ready. πŸ™‚ Anyway, after the picture I wanted to keep talking to Joe but didn’t really know what to say. I thought, don’t ask him if he remembers you. So what comes out of my mouth? “Hey, Joe, do you remember meeting me on the cruise?” *facepalm* He gave me this smile that seemed to say “You are so cute!” *blushes* Then he kinda wiggled my hat brim and said “I’m sorry. It’s the hat.” At the time I thought that meant he didn’t remember me but then again, he didn’t say no. Ha ha! And I said, “Well, it’s okay” and explained how I’d been really nervous in Vegas but not on the cruise and thank you again and blah blah blah but “I’m nervous again now!” Actually I wasn’t as nervous by that time but I had gotten extremely nervous again right before we went into the room. I don’t know why I said it but I’m sooo glad I did! Because we had been holding onto one another’s arms again after hugging, as we’d done on the cruise, and he pulled me into his arms and said “I’m gonna rub those nerves out of ya.” What?! Oh my GAWD. He pulled me super close and rubbed his hands up and down my back. I melted. I’ve never literally gone weak in the knees for a man but in that moment, you betcha! Very close to my ear, he asks, “Is that better?” No. Not at all. Jesus! In my liquified state, I said, “God yes. Don’t stop.” He kinda laughed because he knows I’m putty. At some point we pulled away from each other and I thanked him again and we hugged again. We must have hugged five or six times. I may have said “I love you.” I really don’t know. At some point, I hugged the other three New Kids. My head was up in the clouds, on a major Joe high. I know Donnie was the last one I hugged and that he was closest to the door. I thought I would turn around and go back to Joe but security was ushering us out at that point so I floated out the door, still in a state of disbelief this actually had happened. I don’t think I stopped smiling until security wouldn’t let us stand at the barricade for the show. Oh and in my completely biased opinion, Joe’s back rub kicks Donnie’s back rub’s ASS. πŸ˜€

During the show, I think he blew me a kiss and sang part of “Please Don’t Go Girl” to me. I’m just gonna pretend he did even if it was meant for someone else. πŸ˜‰ Really I’m sure it was to the entire crowd. For several days after the show, I fully expected him to follow me. Days turned into weeks and still no @joeymcintyre follow. I got pissed about it a couple of times, sad, then just decided he forgot. I tried not to let it hurt my feelings but every time he followed someone else who wasn’t me I became a bit sadder. Hey, I’m a Cancer. We’re over-sensitive! Finally, in the days leading up to the Greensboro concert, my last NKOTBSB show, I completely gave up. I thanked Abby for asking but I truly didn’t think he would ever follow me. During the AMAZING show, which was the loudest crowd I’ve ever been a part of, I know he saw me a few times. My “Don’t Turn Out The Lights” video is proof of that πŸ˜‰ But I wouldn’t say I got any special attention. The next morning before we went to Mom’s for the rest of the weekend, I twitpic’ed a few of my pics from the Greensboro showΒ and included @joeymcintyre. So maybe that was when he saw my name and remembered he was supposed to follow? I really don’t know and I wish I did! If not that, I wonder if when he saw me in the crowd he remembered me since Abby was next to me. He didn’t write our names down at the m&g so I’m surprised he remembered! In any case, the next afternoon while I was playing board games with Abs and the kids, Abs suddenly gasped and read me the tweet update she got on her phone from @joeymcintyre: “@twisted_writer followed πŸ™‚ oxox Thank @abs1399 :)” A couple of minutes later, it came to my phone. At that most inopportune of moments, my signal went out and I couldn’t even tweet him a thank you. But THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to Joe and Abby!! It meant the world to me. Joe seems very selective in who he follows and I was surprised he finally followed me. Especially since it took him over a month after she asked. He must have a fantastic memory!

Okay so this is my longest blog ever and I need to shut up now! Hope y’all have enjoyed reading. Feel free to comment πŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “Meeting Joe McIntyre … again.

  1. Wow, what amazing experiences with Joe!
    No need to say, I’m a bit jealous of the Japanese girl who you met in the line at the Vegas show! I think I know her by name because she is a famous NKOTB fan who loves Joe and I hear she’s been a huge fan from the beginnig, like you heard. Well I’ll stop rumoring just in case she might be reading your blog. πŸ˜‰
    I really liked the part that Joe gave you a back rub!! How sweet Joe McIntyre is! πŸ™‚ I’d melt too if any New Kids did that to me! Oh well it doesn’t seem to happen to me! Haha!
    I’m also surprised to know Joe has a great memory. πŸ™‚ I think you and Abby are a lot more lucky than the other fans, because you twins are very alike and it makes them recognize you and remember you easier. πŸ™‚ And they rarely have twin fans. I don’t think that’s all to them, though! Joe must have thought you were so cute when you were very shy and nervous in front of him.
    Now I’d rather love to meet Jordan and Joe after having heard of your stories. πŸ™‚
    I have to force me to stop here because I can go on writing about your blog forever! I’m not good at writing short & plain, sorry.
    I wish I could talk with you face to face, not on the internet. 😦

    I LOVE Rain too out of Joe’s songs, btw! πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks πŸ™‚ I don’t know if we are more lucky than other fans but it’s been an amazing three years! I am so grateful for my experiences and the memories. I try to remember that a lot of fans haven’t met them multiple times like we have. I hope that you get to meet them someday. They are the greatest guys πŸ™‚ We could always email or even write letters like the old pen pal days! I still need to send you your autographed and kissed Jordan Knight CD!! Anyway, thanks for reading and commenting πŸ™‚ xoxo

  2. I love this blog. I cracked up a couple times:

    β€œI’m gonna rub those nerves out of ya.” What?! Oh my GAWD.


    β€œIs that better?” No. Not at all. Jesus! In my liquified state, I said, β€œGod yes. Don’t stop.”

    HAHAHA. I always, always get nervous the closer I get to meeting a celebrity. My mind always goes blank and I worry that whatever I say is going to come out as gibberish or I won’t say what I actually want to say. The whole nauseous/butterflies in the stomach thing happens to me every. single. time. But it sounds like you’ve said the right things to Joe ;). Thanks for writing about half the instances you’ve met him … I had no idea, but now I know!

    1. LOL! I laughed at myself when I read back over it. πŸ˜‰ I guess I did say the right things to Joe, thank GOD! I will probably still get that nervous every. single. time I meet him, too! I hope that I get the chance again soon. πŸ™‚ Maybe someday I will write about the other half of my experiences meeting him. They have all been amazing! *sigh*

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