Another Query Update

For those keeping track and/or are interested, I’ve now queried a total of 10 agents and received two rejections. The rejection I got today was from an agent I queried only two hours earlier. I can’t help but feel she didn’t really give it a chance but I know that’s the nature of the business. At least it was a nice (albeit form) rejection, in which she encouraged me to keep trying. And at least I got a rejection and don’t have to wonder if anyone ever really read my query. I fear the majority of these agents I will never hear anything from. I keep telling myself that’s how this business works and it’s a daunting process. I may need my friends to pick me up and remind me of these things if I get discouraged. Mind you, I’m not ready to give up yet but I am so ready for something to happen! Patience, Amy, patience. Thank God I have been meditating a lot lately or I would probably already be on the verge of giving up. Or perhaps jumping off the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge in Wilmington. 😉
I also hope that soon, I find the inspiration to write again. I focused on querying and researching agents today but I long to add to my characters’ adventures in the sequel I’m currently working on. It’s been a week or two since I wrote anything new and I’m really missing my guys! I hope they talk to me again soon. 🙂 Anyway, thanks everyone for your support! Hopefully one day not too far in the future I will be blogging about a request for my manuscript! xoxo

4 thoughts on “Another Query Update

  1. I’m in the same predicament and I know it’s gut wrenching. Go ahead and move on to the next thing while you are querying. It helps. Good luck!

  2. I’m really proud that you’ve come this far and that you’ve started writing again! Keep your head up — I’m sure good things are coming. 🙂

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