Looking Forward

So after my somewhat negative last blog, I felt I should update you all that I’m not letting the rejection get me down. Okay, yes I did let it gt me down for a little while but I’ve picked myself back up and am getting on with it. Today, kind of on the spur of the moment, I rewrote my query letter for the 1567th time and I think finally maybe I have it near perfect. Finally, I feel like I’ve captured the voice and gist of the story in 3 paragraphs. In fact, I wish I could snatch those other query letters back from cyberspace and replace them with the new, better one! Lesson learned. I’ve also entered a query critique contest. Hopefully I win so I can find out if I fixed my query and if it’s still not good, what I can do to make it better. I’m not giving up!!

I still hope this novel is the one to make me a published author but if it’s not, I’ve got a couple of other possibilities. I’ve also got at least two new book ideas. I don’t want to wait until those stories are written to become published but I will if I have to. Whatever it takes to make my dreams a reality. One of my new ideas is an adult dystopian story in the vein of Hunger Games. The other is an epic love story based on past lives and reincarnation. Part of it will take place on the Titanic, which I’m fascinated with. Both ideas were inspired by dreams, as was A Scarred Mind, which is the title I’m desperately trying to publish. My dreams are a goldmine for book writing ideas.

Anyway, hope everyone has a great weekend! Especially those of you lucky enough to attend NKOTB Town Hall in LA this weekend. 🙂

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